Clarity has been your People Partner for a decade building high performing Finance and Accounting teams in some of the most respected companies in Canada. We've partnered with many CFOs and have learned sometimes you don't just need another body, you need a plan. A roadmap and system design to address critical gaps in your Finance function in order to sustainably scale and grow your company. Clarity Advisory now offers finance consulting services led by our CFO Advisors who are CFOs themselves and have a track record of delivering true Finance Transformation.

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Behind the Numbers

Clarity is on a mission to capture the human stories of tenacity, grit and resilience behind the numbers that come with being a Finance Executive in high-growth companies. Learn about the lessons of finance transformations from these leaders in their stories.

Gordon Dyer: CFO Destiny Solutions

Behind the Numbers with Gordon Dyer

Gordon Dyer, CFO at Destiny Solutions, shares his experiences as a finance leader in a high growth software company

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Behind the Numbers with Stephanie Bird, CPA, CA

Stephanie Bird, SVP of Operations shares how her love of travel led to her joining a board, which quickly became a passion project for her

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