Behind the Numbers

Behind every spreadsheet. Every journal entry. Every month-end. There's a story. A human story. A story about grit, resilience, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth. Clarity Recruitment is on a mission to capture these stories. To tell these stories. To showcase the people who overcome the many challenges and sacrifices that come with building some of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

Gordon Dyer: CFO Destiny Solutions

Behind the Numbers with Gordon Dyer

Gordon Dyer, CFO at Destiny Solutions, shares his experiences as a finance leader in a high growth software company

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Judy Kudla: CFO Series

Behind the Numbers with Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA

Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA is an experienced risk & internal audit leader and a strategic problem solver discusses Audit as a career

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Craig Hudson, CPA, CA, CFA: CFO Series

Behind the Numbers with Craig Hudson, CPA, CA, CFA

CFO Craig Hudson CPA, CA, CFA shares his amazing journey from big 4 accounting firm to startup CFO

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Behind the Numbers with Stephanie Bird, CPA, CA

Stephanie Bird, SVP of Operations discusses moving into corporate risk and an entrepreneurial mindset

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