Behind the Numbers

Behind every spreadsheet and every journal entry, there's a story. A human story. A story about leadership, resilience, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth. Russell Axford is on a mission to capture these stories and showcase the people who overcome the many challenges that come with being a finance executive in growth companies.

Behind the Numbers with Patrick S. Leung – Chief Financial Officer – Invatron Systems Corp

Patrick Leung, CFO of Invatron Systems Corp discusses evaluating top-line growth strategies in high growth SaaS environments and more.

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Behind the Numbers with Dharmesh Morjaria – Head of Finance + Operations, AHLOT

Dharmesh Morjaria, the Head of Finance + Operations at AHLOT discusses establishing a cohesive leadership team and more.

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Behind the Numbers with Garfield Robinson – Vice President – Finance, Collective Arts

Garfield D. Robinson, the Vice President of Finance at Collective Arts, discusses what it takes to excel in medium-sized growth companies.

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Behind the Numbers with Bryn Knox – Head of Finance, BenchSci

Bryn Knox, CPA, CMA, the Head of Finance at BenchSci about the challenges he faced moving across industries and more.

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Behind the Numbers with Alex Cohen – VP of Finance, TREC Brands

Alex Cohen, CPA, CA, the VP of Finance at Trec Brands talks about his journey to become the Head of Finance and more.

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Behind the Numbers with Dave Badun, CPA, CA

Dave Badun, CPA, CA, the Chief Financial Officer of BlueRush talks about his experiences stepping into the role of CFO and more.

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alcohol and beverage industry

Behind the Numbers with Kelly Murphy, CPA, CMA

Kelly Murphy, an Alcohol and Beverage industry CFO discusses her experience within the industry, the future of the industry and more.

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Behind the Numbers with Alex Macdonald, CPA, CA

Alex Macdonald, CPA, CA, the CFO of Enthusiast Gaming, shares his journey into the world of e-sports and what brought him there

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Behind the Numbers with Peter E. Sweeney

Peter E. Sweeney, CFO of SmartCentre REIT discusses the CEO/CFO relationship, the growth story behind SmartCentre REIT and more

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Behind the Numbers with Stephanie Bird, CPA, CA

Stephanie Bird, SVP of Operations shares how her love of travel led to her joining a board, which quickly became a passion project for her

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Craig Hudson, CPA, CA, CFA: CFO Series

Behind the Numbers with Craig Hudson, CPA, CA, CFA

CFO Craig Hudson CPA, CA, CFA shares his amazing journey from big 4 accounting firm to startup CFO and the lessons his road to leadership

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Judy Kudla: CFO Series

Behind the Numbers with Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA

Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA is an experienced risk & internal audit leader and a strategic problem solver discusses Audit as a career

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Gordon Dyer: CFO Destiny Solutions

Behind the Numbers with Gordon Dyer

Gordon Dyer, CFO at Destiny Solutions, shares his experiences as a finance leader in a high growth software company

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