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On this episode of Behind the Numbers, Russell Axford, Head of Executive search speaks with Patrick Leung, former CFO of Doxim and current CFO of Invatron. Patrick shares his experience evaluating top-line growth strategies as a CFO in high-growth SaaS environments such as M&A, late-stage debt/equity fundraising, and how to establish an effective relationship between a CFO and the board.

Episode Guide:

00:08 – Introduction

00:21 – What are you looking at when acquiring a new company through M&A?

02:05 – Evaluating late-stage fundraising activities: growth capital or debt financing?

04:27 – How does an effective relationship look between the CFO and the board?

06:17 – Conclusion

About Behind the Numbers

Behind every spreadsheet. Every journal entry. Every month-end. There’s a story. A human story. A story about grit, resilience, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth. Clarity Recruitment is on a mission to capture these stories. To tell these stories. To showcase the people who overcome the many challenges and sacrifices that come with building some of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

Russell Axford is the Head of Executive Search at Clarity Recruitment and is on a mission to capture these stories and showcase the people who overcome the many challenges that come with being a finance executive in growth companies.