Before joining Clarity Recruitment, Diane owned a recruitment firm for 5 years and has been working in the recruitment industry for over a decade. Now she's using her expertise to help fast-growing companies find the right leadership to scale.

Tell us something interesting about you that’s not on your resume.

I used to be a competitive swimmer and have swum in pools from coast to coast in various competitions. What I loved most about being an elite athlete wasn’t competing; it was the training, the time in between events at swim meets and the ‘swim family’ I was a part of. Seeing how far I could push myself during training or how many thousands of lengths I had swam in a month was something I was always super proud of.

You’ve been in the recruitment industry for a long time, and owned your own firm for many years. What advice would you give to a client working with a recruiter for the first time?

We are only as good as the information given to us about your company and the role… be honest with us. Every company has challenges; every company has passion, and every company has a different culture – be honest about what that is for your company. We can only find you the best if we work with accurate information. We need all the info… the good, the bad and the ugly! I would also recommend working with a recruitment firm you feel a connection with. It is not about working with the ‘top’ firm or the most expensive to get the best; it is about trusting the team you are about to work with to become a partner to your company. Ask questions about their process and if you are not getting the answers you need to feel comfortable allowing them to conduct the search for you, call another firm!

What advice would you give to someone who is on the search for top-performing talent?

I believe in what we do, so my advice is to hire a firm to do the search for you. Recruiting takes an incredible amount of time to do right. The right hire is a game changer, and the process should not be taken lightly. At the executive level, a recruitment firm also has access to people that you as a company simply won’t be able to reach nor will you have the time to map the market as we do. External recruitment is a cost, but what is the cost of the wrong hire to a company? Unfortunately, it is even more expensive.

What’s your favourite interview question?

I have two that allow for incredible conversations:

  1. Tell me your story. Some follow-ups to include– How did you get here, where did your passion stem from to find you in “x” role, did you always want to be a(n) “x”, you went to school for “x” and now you are here; where and how did the pivot happen, etc.
  2. Tell me about a project, role, or initiative you are most proud of. Talk to me about the lead-up to the project, what it took to get it through to completion and then quantify its success for me. This is where their eyes should shine. Give them a moment to put the story together and then listen in. Ask questions throughout, as their answers will tell you so much about how they approach projects, their communication skills, and how detailed of a person they are. For those early in their career, let them know it can be from high school, post secondary or sports/recreation).

We’re always looking for recommendations, what are you currently watching/listening to? (Netflix, podcasts, etc.)

Every week, I attend a fireside chat or panel discussion by a leader here in Canada from the industries we work within. LinkedIn is a great place to look for those. The podcasts I listen to can all be found on The Startup Canada Podcast. These podcasts focus on the movers and shakers of Canada’s Entrepreneurship community.


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