Productivity and Music in the Workplace

There’s a debate that people have constantly when it comes to the norms of work: is it okay to listen to music while you’re working, or is it a distraction?

Over the past few decades there have been various papers that are dedicated to the impact of music on your mood. How your mood is impacted, directly links to your overall productivity. With COVID-19 impacting many of our moods, it’s hard to remain productive for long periods of time.

The music in question, however, has to fit the mood and type of work you’re doing. The last thing you want to listen to while trying to assess a candidate’s resume is death metal (unless you’re into that and it works for you, of course).

At Clarity, many of us listen to music because it helps us focus on the task at hand. Some of us need a boost in focus, and some might just want to listen to something they love while working. For me personally, I love listening to music while working. I tend to listen to the RPG Background Music playlist on Spotify mixed with some hip-hop and classical. The type of music that works for me is atmospheric, without lyrics for focusing and then something more intense for when I’m editing videos or creating visual graphics for our brand.

I asked some of my co-workers why they listen to what they do, and if they had any recommendations for our readers (that’s you).

Joe Diubaldo, President of Clarity Recruitment

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