5 Compelling Reasons to do Contract Work

“Will a contract role damage my prospects as a candidate for permanent positions?”  That is a question I hear consistently from candidates as they evaluate whether or not working as an accounting contractor is for them.   Accountant recruiters should tell you that when you take a job as a accounting contractor, you can gain experience in different accounting functions and multiple industries that would otherwise remain closed to you.

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Take These 4 Risks to Advance Your Career

When I told a good friend of mine that I was going to write my next post on how to advance a financial career by taking risks, he stopped what he was doing, grasped my arm and said earnestly, “Joe, risk is a four letter word.” And yet, each day we take risks, some calculated, some a bit more spontaneous. Why don’t more of us take risks to advance our financial careers? When I’ve spoken to my senior finance contacts, their message around risk taking is consistent – all of them, at one time or another, have taken risks to get to where they are today. What I’ve done in the post below is find the consistent themes in their stories around risk taking. I have to say, some of what they said surprised me.

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4 tips to get you from CFO to COO

I recently sat down for a casual chat with a friend who is now a COO, and as we talked I realized I was being given a playbook on how CA, CMA and CGA professionals like you can transition from finance to operations. During our lengthy conversation we talked about the beginning of his career all the way to the present day, and he spent some time outlining how his own work-life had taken different turns as he continually reinvented himself.   Read the  insights into making the leap from CFO to COO and get better equipped to make a career move.

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4 Ways to Turn Yourself Into an Entrepreneur by Leveraging Your Accounting Job

The great thing about being a finance and accounting recruiter for so many years is that I have watched people undergo some remarkable career transformations. Perhaps one of the most inspiring things to observe is when a typically risk averse finance careerist decides to embrace entrepreneurship. While it’s not exactly throwing caution to the wind, it is a leap of faith and it is truly inspiring to behold.

So, are there similar behaviours in individuals who have been accountants and then transition into small business ownership? How do they prepare to make the shift? Is there something unique about an individual who feels he/she can make it work as an entrepreneur? I can say, without reservation, that there does seem to be pattern, both in personality and processes. Almost without exception (and notice that I said ‘almost’), newly minted entrepreneurs share the same four elements.

I can say, without reservation, that there does seem to be pattern, both in personality and processes.

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