Hello Neo: Technology and Accounting in the GTA

In the sci-fi thriller The Matrix, Keanu Reeves delivers a flurry of literal and metaphorical jabs at a technologically driven race that has taken over planet earth.  It’s good fun and let’s be honest, not everyone can wear a trench coat with such incredible panache. But is technology the ravenous beast that The Matrix portrays it as, ready to consume those it comes in contact with?

Technology, particularly in the accounting and finance industry, isn’t going anywhere soon and according to Kazeem Jaffer, Corporate Controller at Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, data should drive decision making. It’s technology, Jaffer says, that allows us to capture the best data and therefore make the most strategically sound decisions.

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What do Sesame Street and Shared Services Have in Common?

Sesame Street was on to something back in the day (whatever day that was - we may be dating ourselves with that reference). At one point, in an inspired moment of off key brilliance, Ernie and Elmo warble, “I’ll take my something that you like and you’ll take your something that I like, then put both things together and share.” Lovely and somewhat prophetic.

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When Should You Leave a Big 4 Accounting Firm? - An Auditor’s Dilemma Blog PART 2

Leaving a Big 4 Accounting Firm
You’ve just survived another busy season and are staring listlessly out the window. Empty fast food containers litter your desk and you swear that you forgot to feed your cat when you left the house this morning - again. Maybe it’s time to change directions you think.  Maybe it’s time to leave your big 4 accounting firm?

Jim Barbour, current Managing Director of Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting, offers some timely advice for those auditors considering leaving for other opportunities.

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Should You Stay Until Audit Manager? - An Auditor’s Dilemma Blog

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Thoughts on Becoming an Audit Manager

Ah yes, the eternal dilemma facing any auditor, or member of the band the Clash – should I stay or should I go now? Or, more specifically, should I hang in there until I reach the level of Audit Manager?  We know how difficult the world of public accounting can be.  

Staying for another busy season is almost too much to contemplate sometimes. You might even be asking yourself what skills you’ll gain as a manager.

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Think Big -Tips for Your Finance Career from Kevin Hibbert, CPA, CA - Part 2

Yesterday, we shared Part 1 of Think Big - Tips for Your Finance Career from Kevin Hibbert, CPA, CA. Today, we've got more where that came from. Read on to uncover insights on the fallacy of work-life balance and the value of widening the scope.

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Think Big -Tips for Your Finance Career from Kevin Hibbert, CPA, CA - Part 1

Kevin Hibbert, CPA, CA, shares his insights on the importance of relationship building and understanding organizational dynamics when it comes to your finance career.

He also lends his personal philosophies about thinking bigger, embracing challenges, and the advantages of biting off more than you can chew. Read part one of our two part blog.

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Taking Care of Fundamentals: Francis Michaud, CGA and VP of Finance – Part 2

In part one, we shared Francis Michaud, CGA and VP of Finance's advice on the value of hard work and what it means to stand out in the right way. Now, he shares insights on work-life balance and the value of career planning.

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Taking Care of Fundamentals: Francis Michaud, CGA and VP of Finance - Part 1

Francis Michaud, CGA and VP of Finance and Corporate Administration, shares insights on the importance of business fundamentals including hard work, career planning, and personal development.  He also talks about the importance of work-life balance and finding a mentor.

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Challenging Yourself to Grow: Brian Trnkus, CPA, CA – Pt. II

In Part I of our chat with Brian Trnkus, CPA, CA, Trnkus explained how he found his path to success. In Part II, he describes how he sought challenges and experiences that forced him to grow as a professional.

Accounting and finance suited Trnkus’ professional temperament and rhythm of work. “I like challenges and having things fast-paced,” Trnkus says. While others crumble when the clock is ticking, Trnkus believes that the pressure of an approaching deadline can be invaluable for your growth as a working professional. As he puts it, “hard deadlines can offer you some important learning experiences,” in regards to time management, productivity, and coping with stress. Tension builds not only muscle, but character, too.

Indeed, Trnkus suggests that every accounting and finance professional should establish a set of internal deadlines for their career and professional growth, to force themselves to move on and ahead when the time is right. “Create your own timeline,” he says. “Three months, six months, a year, two years — ask yourself, what do I want to have done by each of these milestones? In what ways do I want to have improved my role? How will I leave it better for the next person?”

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Challenging Yourself to Grow: Brian Trnkus, CPA, CA – Pt. I

Brian Trnkus, CPA, CA, explains how the path of least resistance is not always the road you want to take – and how the challenges that test our will and character are also the ones that spur growth and success.

The road to success depends as much upon the map you use to make your way, as it does on the journey itself. Above all, it requires a certain foresight — the ability to look not just one, but two, even three, steps ahead, so that you can plot out your course in advance. The successful finance and accounting professional has to be something of a visionary in that regard: they can see both where they want to be in the future, as well as the path in the present that will take them there.

If anyone knows about looking ahead and finding the path to success, it’s Brian Trnkus. Having served as Director General and General Manager of Euro Ressources, Director of Finance and Corporate Controller at RAND, Director of Finance at Boart Longyear, multiple roles at Nortel, and Vice President of Finance at IAMGOLD Corp, Trnkus has a history of personal and professional accomplishments that is the envy of many. He took some time out of his busy schedule to share with other finance and accounting professionals some of the keys to his success.

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