What Do Home Renovations and Accounting Contractors Have in Common?

Do you remember the time that you decided to do your own home renovations? No, well good decision. If the answer is yes, then you might also recall that they took longer than you anticipated. Between delays on getting the right shower head in, to finding a dangling wire you didn't anticipate (surprise!), a two week project can suddenly turn into a three month affair.

The same can be said when assessing how long you’ll need your accounting contractor for. The answer – often longer than you think. Here’s why.

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When is Hiring 2 Accountants for the Price of 1 a Good Idea?

Who doesn't love a deal, especially when it's two for the price of one?  Ok, maybe we really didn't need two alpaca blankets in deep purple, but really – it's a deal and who can resist a bargain?

So this raises an interesting question – is there ever a time when it makes sense to hire two junior resources instead of a more expensive senior person?  After all, you get two sets of hands, two brains – makes sense doesn't it?  Sometimes.

This perspective is echoed by a VP Finance we spoke with, who gave us some time and perspective on the tricky art of building a high quality team.

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Is Your Finance Team on Fire – and Not in a Good Way?

When we talk about people being “on fire” there are positive connotations - whether it’s the point guard who is on a hot streak, or the finance team member who can be trusted to deliver.  But what about teams that are burning from the inside out?

There are signs that you need to spot, (some more obvious than others), before your team starts looking for a life raft.

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Hello Neo: Technology and Accounting in the GTA

In the sci-fi thriller The Matrix, Keanu Reeves delivers a flurry of literal and metaphorical jabs at a technologically driven race that has taken over planet earth.  It’s good fun and let’s be honest, not everyone can wear a trench coat with such incredible panache. But is technology the ravenous beast that The Matrix portrays it as, ready to consume those it comes in contact with?

Technology, particularly in the accounting and finance industry, isn’t going anywhere soon and according to Kazeem Jaffer, Corporate Controller at Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, data should drive decision making. It’s technology, Jaffer says, that allows us to capture the best data and therefore make the most strategically sound decisions.

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Do it Yourself or Hire an Accounting Contractor?

There are endless stories about home renovation nightmares. Wires leading to nowhere and tile that has more cracks in it than a street in Toronto after a brutal winter.  So why not hire an experienced contractor instead of trying to carry the load yourself? After all, there are certain circumstances when it makes sense to hire a contract/consulting resource. Contractors take a more nuanced view of the problem and bring specialized skills to the table. Put the right contract resource in place and you build the capability of your organization, increasing your chances of getting promoted - a win/win situation.

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Should You Stay Until Audit Manager? - An Auditor’s Dilemma Blog

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Thoughts on Becoming an Audit Manager

Ah yes, the eternal dilemma facing any auditor, or member of the band the Clash – should I stay or should I go now? Or, more specifically, should I hang in there until I reach the level of Audit Manager?  We know how difficult the world of public accounting can be.  

Staying for another busy season is almost too much to contemplate sometimes. You might even be asking yourself what skills you’ll gain as a manager.

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How to Hire Accountants Who Get Stuff Done

This blog topic was inspired by a conversation we had with a senior manager. We asked him what kind of employee he wanted. He thought for a moment and said, “I need to hire someone who can get stuff done.”

But what does an accountant who “gets stuff done” look like? In our opinion, there are three qualities you need to look for.

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How to Identify a Quality Finance Hire

Quality hires can be assets to a team and organization. They can drive outcomes, develop into great leaders and boost team morale.

To identify a finance candidate who can help your company flourish, look for the following. Read more

What Top Finance Talent Want at Work

Why do so many companies face a talent shortfall? And why is it that the talent pipeline sometimes runs in the wrong direction – out the company’s door?

Want to keep your top talent in the fold? Here’s how.

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Tips for Leading a Multi-Generational Finance Team

With Baby Boomers, Gen Xer’s and Gen Y’s (Millennials) all together in one finance melting pot, leading a multi-generational team can be a challenging endeavour.

Each cohort brings unique values based on their life experiences to the table, sometimes resulting in different working styles and misunderstandings. Here are some tips for leading a multi-generational finance team to success. Read more