Finance Recruiters Improve Your Chances of a Successful Hire

Finance recruiters are the best at what they do – helping employers find and hire qualified talent. Here's how they can help you.

When Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money,” he could very well have been talking about hiring. While we’ve said it many times before, it bears repeating: the hiring process can be an arduous one, filled with potential pitfalls and blind corners. To prepare correctly, you need to take a lot of time out of your already busy schedule.

But you don't have to wing it alone. With their established networks and proven methodologies, finance recruiters can help streamline your hiring process and help you get a candidate that makes sense for your organization.

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How Working with Financial Recruiters Can Improve Your Business

Partnering with a capable financial recruiter to make a hire can make your life a lot easier – here's how.

You’ve been trying to fill a position at your firm for nearly two months, but the “must have” resume has yet to cross your desk. It certainly hasn’t been for want of effort. You’ve tried advertising on your website. You’ve put up postings on the major online job sites (or, more likely these days, LinkedIn and other social media). At this point, you’re considering talking to your cousin Mary about her bridge partner, “the accountant.”

Like most of us, you have too much to do and too little time to do it. Thankfully, you have options. Some employers might have a dim opinion of recruiting firms, based on a negative experience of working with one. To be sure, some recruiters can drive their clients crazy. But working with the right finance recruiter can dramatically improve your odds of finding a quality candidate – someone who can excel in the role and help your company achieve its next milestone – while saving you plenty of time and money.

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3 Benefits of Working with Finance Recruiters

Working with a finance recruiter can make your job of hiring someone for an accounting or finance role a whole lot easier. Here’s how.

It’s been said countless times before, but it bears repeating – hiring someone for a position is a job in and of itself. Between advertising the role, sifting through resumes, and selecting candidates to interview, the process of hiring and recruiting someone for a position can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention expensive. Even in the most optimal circumstances, weeks can pass before a new hire is ready to start in their role (and that’s assuming you don’t make a hiring mistake).

If hiring is a full-time job, then it makes sense to work with a recruiter whose full-time job is just that – hiring for others. Partnering with a tenured finance recruiter can simplify and streamline the process on a number of fronts, saving you time and letting you concentrate on what really matters for your business – creating and driving value. Here are some benefits of working with finance recruiters.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Finance Recruiter

A capable accounting and finance recruiter can give you a leg-up on the competition for the jobs you really want. Here are some things to avoid that could undermine your working relationship with them.

It’s not an easy call for any person to have to make – deciding to change jobs. But it’s one most of us are forced into, at one point or another in our accounting and finance careers. Maybe you’ve been smart enough to follow the trends in your industry, and can see that your company’s business is in for some real challenges in the immediate future. Maybe you’re just bored at your current job and are having a hard time motivating yourself everyday. Or maybe you feel that your professional growth and development are being stunted at your current job, and you want to be more proactive and give your accounting career a shot in the arm.

Whatever the case may be, the decision to leave your current job to pursue different opportunities elsewhere is not one to be taken lightly. But it’s only the first step. After perusing the various job boards (or, more likely these days, LinkedIn), you quickly realize that you need some assistance with your job search.

Dealing with an accounting and finance recruiter offers you several advantages. At a bare minimum, you’ll have a knowledgeable contact, with a strong network in your industry, who will be working on your behalf to find you a desirable job. But the recruiter-candidate relationship cuts both ways. Getting the most out of your recruiter requires that you work to build rapport with them. To ensure that your interaction with your finance recruiter is as productive and successful as possible, here are five pitfalls that you need to avoid.

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How to Build Rapport with Your Finance Recruiter

Establishing a good working relationship with your finance recruiter can make all the difference for your next job search. Here are some tips for getting the most from them.

The relationship you have with your accounting or finance recruiter is not unlike the one you have with your doctor: you only think about them when you really need them – when you’re bedridden with a flu, or when you’re scrambling to find a new job. It’s only then that the kind of dynamic you have with them, as well as their availability and responsiveness to you, become issues of supreme importance.

Clearly, then, it’s wise to foster a strong relationship with your recruiter, even –especially – when you’re already gainfully employed and don’t immediately need their help. That way, when you’re in between work, finding a new accounting job will be a lot less painful and nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do – today – to nurture your relationship with your recruiter, so that they’ll be right there for you the next time you need them.

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How Recruiters Find Passive Job Seekers

As often as not, the best person for a job already has one. Here’s how recruiters go about finding and recruiting these “passive” candidates.

In the recruiting world, it’s commonly understood that some of the best candidates for a job are, ironically, already gainfully employed. Of course, this isn’t to say that most such candidates wouldn’t be interested (not to mention flattered) in a compelling new opportunity suited to their skillset, were it to be presented to them. But they aren’t actively looking for new work – which is why they’re typically described as “passive job seekers.”

A good recruiter will go the extra mile to look for and assess both active and passive seekers for every job, given that some of the people most qualified for a position may not even be on the job market (officially, at any rate).

To separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of the recruiters you use, it’s important to distinguish between two key types of recruitment firms: “post and pray” recruiters and “headhunters.”

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Working with Your Recruiting Partner

Oil and water, fire and ice, yin and yang, Red Sox and Yankees...recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s how these occasional opposites can work better together.

Business, like politics, makes for strange bedfellows. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the sometimes-unhappy marriage of hiring managers and recruiters. It’s not just that some recruiting agencies can drive their clients absolutely bananas. The love-hate relationship runs even deeper than that. It’s almost as if the two parties, recruiters and hiring managers, were born to lock horns. As a client of mine once joked to me, we’re like the original “odd couple.” On the one hand, most recruiters like to work quickly and make things happen fast, partly out of necessity — in most cases, we only get paid after a placement is made — but also because we understand that there’s a brutal war for talent out there, and companies need to move and act swiftly, before they miss out on a great candidate or, worse, lose them to the competition. By contrast, hiring managers, on the whole, tend to be somewhat more methodical and deliberate in their approach; they want to make sure that every “i” is dotted, every “t” crossed, so that they can be confident a hire is right for their organization, since they’ll ultimately have to live with the results. (I’m painting in broad strokes here, of course — not every recruiter or hiring manager fits these generalizations.)

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6 Reasons Why Recruiters Drive Clients Crazy

Let’s face it: some hiring managers have a love-hate relationship with their recruiting partners. They may see third-party staffing agencies as a necessary evil, one that they are forced to live with due to factors beyond their control. Their organization might have a special or urgent need to staff — for example, a sudden or unexpected vacancy, or a position that’s gone unfilled for too long already — that can’t be handled in-house. Maybe the HR department doesn’t have the budget or manpower right now to conduct a comprehensive job search itself. Or maybe the internal recruiting process has already come up short, and there’s no room for further misfires. After all, the hiring process can be long and costly, even at the best of times. From combing through resumes and scheduling (and rescheduling) first, second, and third interviews to following up with references and conducting background checks — it’s a big job.

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Building a Team? Accounting Agencies (might) help.

Working with my HR partners has always brought me direct feedback on the effectiveness of recruiting agencies in the finance and accounting industry.  When working to develop this post, I performed a quick survey of some of my Sr. contacts and the following feedback came to light:

Speed:  Accounting Recruitment Agencies fill positions faster.   Specialized functions like accounting require a different recruiting approach than general roles.  Top accounting recruitment agencies have the time and inclination to keep in touch with their top candidates so that they are ready to move when a new position needs to be filled.   Furthermore, an agencies’ candidates show up already pre-screened for the position, which allows the client to spend more time assessing for fit and less sorting through resumes.

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Welcome to Clarity Recruitment

Clarity Recruitment has officially opened its doors for business and has taken a new and innovative way to attract highly-skilled accounting and finance professionals. Serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Clarity Recruitment is a connected source for the Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified General Accountant (CGA), focused on Toronto finance and accounting jobs. Along with our tenured team of highly networked, top performing recruiters in the finance and accounting marketplace, we offer online functionality that caters to professionals who are demanding a modern way for effective career management.

At Clarity Recruitment, we understand that the right professional can drive incredible results and move an entire organization forward. As part of our commitment to innovation, Clarity Recruitment unveils a completely new, proprietary recruiting technology called Luma-Fi: the Candidate Visualization Engine (CVE). As a finance professional looking for an accounting job, this technology ensures that most relevant talents for each position are displayed quickly and easily to ideal employers. As a hiring professional, Luma-Fi: CVEmeans you gain clarity on the best fit for your open job with lightning speed.

At Clarity Recruitment, we understand that the right professional can drive incredible results and move an entire organization forward.

We focus on helping customers to quickly identify, hire and retain the best available experts to help protect and grow their businesses. We invest in our staff, offering advanced training in sourcing, assessing and delivering exceptional talent. We are innovative, hungry and here for the long haul.

Read our STORIES page and get inside knowledge about how some of the most successful accounting and finance professionals in the GTA built their careers. Learn the shortcuts that can take you from your current position to the top of your game.

Learn the shortcuts that can take you from your current position to the top of your game.

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