Debiased Hiring Through Behavioural Science

Presented by BEworks in partnership with Clarity Recruitment

At Clarity Recruitment, we have been conducting behavioural science research for the past five years to better understand how decisions are made in hiring. This idea of making better decisions is at the bedrock of what we do here because we believe that improving human decision making in hiring has a significant impact on people’s lives. 

With this in mind, we have partnered with BEworks, one of the world’s first consulting teams dedicated to the application of behavioural economics, to study diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Our aim is to explore the work that needs to be done to remove bias from the hiring process, while realizing the complexity and scope of the challenge and that this is not a solution, but our first step towards reducing bias in hiring. 

Watch on-demand now for:

  • Behavioural Economics case studies which measure the impact of discrimination in hiring
  • Typical approaches to improving Diversity and Inclusion and their drawbacks
  • A framework for how to de-bias hiring through behavioural science