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April 24, 2018

Rejected Man at Computer

Rejection is never an easy thing to deal with, but rather than focus on how terrible it feels, it could be useful to take this opportunity to find out whether there was anything you could have done differently. Many recruitment agencies will offer feedback after the interview process, but knowing
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April 17, 2018

Blue Diploma

Many of us have so much going on in our personal and professional lives that it can be difficult to know how to carve out time for continuous learning opportunities. Here are a few tips on making time to explore professional development options that can boost your confidence and your
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April 13, 2018

City through a camera lens

How will the recruitment industry keep up as tech changes everything? As everyone always seems to be, I found myself discussing the future with a few of my colleagues. Specifically, we noted that while every other industry seems to be reeling from the rapid march of technology, but inside the
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April 3, 2018

How to Promote Yourself When You’re an Introvert

While introverts bring many important skills and qualities to any field, the popularity of open office environments, interactive team building activities, and never-ending series of birthdays, showers, and other celebrations means introverts can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed or alienated in the workplace. So, here are some ways you can
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March 29, 2018

Ethical recruitment

What’s the first thing you see when you land on a recruiter’s website? If you’ve been wrapped up in the hunt for jobs or clients, you’ve probably begun to notice a pretty pronounced theme on all the ‘sites you visit: pictures of trendy young professionals cheerfully
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