Alex Cheah

Research Associate, Executive Search

Alex focuses on providing research analytics and candidate insights to support the Executive Search division. He aims to create innovative processes that will help to improve the recruitment experience, and to clearly understand the problems that growing companies face in their struggle to find the perfect match on their senior leadership teams.

Alex has worked in various roles involving data analysis and within uniquely different industries, ranging from advertising to technology to legal industry. Prior to joining Clarity, he founded DAKAI - an early-stage EdTech startup. Alex is a strong believer that the best way to help high-growth companies excel is through connecting the right people to the right roles and teams that will compliment their skill sets and career ambitions.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management from Ryerson University in Canada, and has also spent some time studying International Finance and Financial Modeling at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In his spare time, Alex enjoys going on morning jogs, drinking coffee, and learning about technology.

Fun Fact: Alex is a big fan of Star Wars.

Areas of Expertise