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Hi. This is Clarity

We're a team of finance and accounting recruiters.
We're serious about placing the right people in the right jobs

This is Clarity

Our Team

Everyone says they have a tenured team. That's not particularly noteworthy. What is, however, is how Clarity invests in its people. Our accounting and finance recruiters are required to complete 10 hours of training and education each month. With courses on topics such as hiring psychology and business strategy, Clarity focuses on developing our accounting and finance recruiters into business partners. This makes our team more responsive, adaptable and successful. Experience the Clarity difference by contacting us today.

Our Team
Our Technology


When our founder decided to launch his own accounting and finance recruitment firm, he knew that the industry needed to adapt to survive. One of the gaps he identified was how fit was determined between a candidate and an organization. The result was Luma-Fi, a proprietary technology that examines the compatibility of a candidate based on technical and cultural alignment. Clients are given an easy-to-read report that summarizes the candidate at a glance. Clients feel more confident about their hiring decisions and placement success rates are greatly increased.

Clarity Labs

What if you knew that a hidden psychological bias was derailing your hiring process or job search efforts? Wouldn't you want to know about it? Wouldn't you want to know how to fix it? These questions provide the fuel for our research arm Clarity Labs. Led by a behavioural psychologist, Clarity Labs' findings are used in crafting our resources, blogs, proprietary technology and our own recruitment processes.

How committed are we?
We spend 33% of our operating budget on research and technology. It means we're better informed than our competition about what drives successful outcomes in hiring policy. Contact us to find out more.

Clarity Labs

What Others Say

The entire approach of using behavioral research and technology to make us think about what we really needed was unique. Everyone left the meeting knowing what to expect and your team delivered.
Head of Talent
I love the analysis that you are doing in Luma-Fi - this really helps.
SAAS Company
It took Clarity and their team 3 days to deliver a shortlist complete with Luma-Fi Analysis for each of their 5 candidates. We liked all of the options and chose to interview all of the candidates before selecting a top performer who we know will add value to our growing business.
$100 million+ Technology Company