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About Clarity

Clarity Recruitment is a Canadian Finance and Accounting recruitment agency with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. We place hundreds of senior-level professionals each year from Senior Financial Analysts to CFOs across many high growth industries. Joe Diubaldo, President of Clarity, started the company in 2012 to build a recruitment firm that delivers exceptional service while always “doing the right thing”. Earlier in his career, a candidate and friend described Joe as helping her “find clarity” through his career advice and coaching over the years. The name stuck and Clarity Recruitment was born.

Our Mission

To relentlessly improve decision making in hiring, because we believe the right hire can change lives

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Our purpose is to relentlessly improve communication and decision making in hiring because we believe that the right hire can change lives
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Clarity Approach

Finance Focus

From the start, Clarity has specialized company-wide in the vertical of Finance, with a focus on senior-level roles from Senior Financial Analyst to CFO. This focus makes us better equipped to assess, advise and support our Finance and Accounting candidates over their career and clients in the unique Finance challenges they face. Core areas of specialization include Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Controllership, Financial Reporting and Corporate Finance.

Predictive Technology

Behavioural Science

Human decision making is affected by cognitive biases. We study the psychology of hiring through the lens of behavioural science to help us remove bias from the hiring process and improve client outcomes.

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Predictive Technology
Predictive Technology

Data-driven Recruitment

Clarity invests in building proprietary technology to create the best match between candidates and clients not just based on the job description, but based on critical skill sets, behaviours and work environments. Our advanced screening platform, Luma-Fi, provides a detailed profile of each candidate's motivations, skills, relevant experiences and fit score to predict their on-the-job success.

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Clarity Approach


We take a candidate first approach treating our candidates as our clients too.  Two of the core values we live by include “Above all else be human” and “Help others realize their success”. We have been known to say “no” more often than most other staffing firms if we are not able to act in the best interest of the candidates and clients we represent. We are committed to exceptional delivery for each and every search.

Let's make better hiring and career decisions together