10 Things Successful Job Seekers Do on Social Media

You probably know how to craft a great resume, but haven’t necessarily given a lot of thought to your LinkedIn profile.

With more and more companies using social media to identify quality talent, it pays to understand how to use it to your advantage.

Here are 10 things that successful job seekers do on social media to get noticed.

Tip 1: Always Consider Your Professional Brand
You’d be amazed at what you can find out about others (and yourself) online. You want your professional brand to stand out for the right reasons, so think carefully about what you post. Is that picture suitable? Is what you’ve liked or shared appropriate?

Tip 2: Demonstrate Your Preferred Culture
In an article entitled “The Three Things That Employers Want to Find Out About You Online” more than half of the hiring managers interviewed said that they use social media primarily to determine if the candidate might be a good cultural fit. Great accounting and finance people are ethical and detail-oriented, so make sure your profile demonstrates these two qualities. But if you also like the excitement of fast-paced start-ups, write a profile brimming with energy and motivation. It will help attract a company that meshes with your core values.

Tip 3: Keep Things Up To Date
Your LinkedIn profile is arguably your most powerful online marketing tool and should be kept as up-to-date as possible. For example, if you just impressed your company with a leadership role on an ERP implementation you should make sure it’s on your profile.

Tip 4: Keep it Consistent
If you’re considering managing multiple social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, make sure that the image and message you present are consistent across all of them. This will help prospective employers understand who you are, what you represent and what value you could add.

Tip 5: Touch Base Daily
We know that life is busy and that your schedule is packed, but taking the time to check your LinkedIn feed daily is time well spent. You might see a former co-worker’s promotion listed, or a job posted by a contact.

Tip 6: Post Weekly
If you read an article that was relevant to a hot button industry topic, share it on your LinkedIn profile or Tweet it to your followers. Consider publishing an original article on LinkedIn if you write well. By posting relevant, industry information you position yourself as someone who is invested in their career and aware of current trends.

Tip 7: Join Groups
Join groups on LinkedIn. Participate in discussions and ask yourself, “Is what I’m saying adding value?”

Tip 8: Find Connections
Consider using Facebook or LinkedIn to identify common connections. These common connections can be a gold mine to a job seeker.

Tip 9: Follow Companies
Follow companies on both Twitter and LinkedIn. Organizations frequently post job openings on company pages or in their feed.

Tip 10: Share Your Achievements
Remember, successful online profiles are wonderful ways to proclaim, “I’m fantastic,” without ever saying, “I’m fantastic.” Don’t just list your duties and skills, include your achievements under each job title. They’ll do a great job of pre-selling you to a prospective employer.

Social media offers you a relatively painless way to grow your network and your professional brand. Savvy job seekers know its merits and how to use it accordingly. Implement some of the tips above to find your next opportunity.

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