3 Tips for Conducting a Great Accounting Job Interview

It’s that time again – time to conduct a round of interviews to hire a new member for your team. Before you jump into the process with both feet, consider implementing these three tips to improve your chances of conducting a great accounting job interview.

Conduct an Internal Assessment

Part of conducting a great accounting job interview happens before you ever meet your potential candidates. Begin by defining the business requirements of the role, considering not only your present needs, but your future concerns. The individual you hire must be able to evolve with the company, demonstrating adaptability and a proven track record for accepting challenges and turning them into successes.

What Are the Key Deliverables?

To increase your chances of having a successful accounting job interview consider compiling a list of the key deliverables for the role. Engage the stakeholders who are most impacted by the potential hire. This creates buy-in at an earlier stage, allowing you to move more quickly on the candidate of preference. In addition, it allows you to clearly define the milestones for the role and include them in your job postings – ideally providing you with more suitable candidates choose from.

The Interview Schedule

Finally, try to compress the interview schedule to ensure that if a candidate impresses in the interview he or she can be moved through the process quickly. Have key stakeholders on standby so that top candidates can connect with them, increasing buy-in from those most impacted by the hiring decision and improving your odds that the candidate will come on board.

By following these three tips you improve your chances of conducting a great accounting job interview and landing the candidate who is a true asset to your organization.

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