5 Skills You Need to Rock Your Finance Job at a Start-Up

When many of us think of taking a job at a start-up, we think about flexibility, a fast-moving culture and maybe a ping pong table or two.

But before you decide to jump ship to a start-up, ask yourself if you’re bringing the skills you need to impress and excel.


Nope, not the yoga kind. Typically in a finance job at a start-up, you’ll need to be comfortable wearing a lot of different hats. This means a willingness to taking on additional duties and step outside of your comfort zone. At a start-up, your job description is just the tip of the iceberg. 
At a start-up you can’t necessarily wait to be told what to do. Instead, you’ll need to be the kind of person who can identify what needs to be done, develop a plan to make it happen and then implement it. Those who have initiative flourish in a start-up environment.

While you’ll still have guidance, (often from high level people you wouldn’t typically have a chance to connect with at a larger company), your ability to work independently and be self-directed will largely define your success. This doesn’t mean that you won’t consider team objectives when setting priorities, but it does translate into a need to self-motivate to get things done.

Sense of Urgency
Perhaps one of the greatest differences between larger organizations and start-ups is how quickly change can be implemented.  If you want to rock your finance job at a start-up, make sure you’re comfortable with change and can deliver under tight deadlines.

At the core of what you do you need to believe that the start-up is going to win. Unwavering belief will carry you through the policy and organizational changes that are an inevitable part of a start-up and keep you positive during a long stretch of work hours. Your belief, combined with everyone else’s belief in the vision of the organization, is the foundation of every start-up’s success story.

It’s true that joining a start-up can be an incredible career opportunity, but there are definitely skills you’ll need to excel.  First and foremost, believe that the start-up will succeed.  Couple that belief with a willingness to don whatever hat is needed, and the motivation to get things done. Take the initiative and deliver.  If you have these kind of skills then chances are a job at a start-up is a fit for you.

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