Behind the Numbers with Craig Hudson, CPA, CA, CFA

In this Episode

In this Episode

CFO Craig Hudson CPA, CA, CFA shares his amazing journey from big 4 accounting firm to startup CFO. Among other things, he shares:

  • Experience leading within an enterprise growth company to a CFO at a high growth startup
  • The importance of having a proper data and analytics strategy to run a business
  • Understanding data insights, including relative and actionable insights, is an incredibly valuable and uncommon skillset
  • Hard lessons that allowed him to redefine what it means to be a leader

Read more about Craig and his career journey here.


00:46 – Move into transaction services.
02:25- What was his professional crisis point.
05:24 – Value of performance analytics in a CFO function.
07:44 – How to speak to a world outside accounting.
08:49 – Being a start-up CFO and growing a team from three to 35 people.
13:44 – What’s the reality of being a CFO for a high-growth company.
19:52 – Building up the governance and administrative strength within the company as a CFO.
21:10 – The CFO function as a credibility check for the CEO.

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