“I’m Outta Here!” – Signs You Need to Quit Your Accounting Job

The thought of leaving your accounting job may trigger a stress response.  You may doubt that it’s actually in your best interest to transition out.  There are signs, however, that is definitely time to quit your accounting job (and some are more obvious than others).

Lack of Cultural Fit
Believe it or not, a lack of cultural fit drives many employees out of their jobs.  If you’re frustrated at the way your company does business, or there is a fundamental core value disconnect, your chances of finding satisfaction in your accounting job are relatively low.  This is a key sign that it’s time to exit.

Tip: When you’re considering your next step, evaluate whether or not you’re in the right industry. Perhaps that is part of your dissatisfaction.

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Moving Up
If there are limited opportunities for advancement, then it may be time to consider a new job.  You need to be able to see an upward trajectory as part of your career path.  It is, in fact, part of what keeps you marketable.  Finance and accounting recruiters state that career progression is a key indicator of a quality candidate.  So dust off your resume and update your LinkedIn profile if you feel that your current organization doesn’t offer you a chance to progress.  It’s likely time to find a new role.

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Professional development is critical to growing your skill set, as are chances at leadership roles, and mentoring support.  A lack of any of these can indicate a company that’s not invested in its people.  If you feel that the growth and learning has stopped, and you attempted to speak to your manager about your desire to enhance your skill set with no response on their part, then it’s time to leave and seek greener pastures elsewhere.

The Team
There’s nothing worse than being part of a dysfunctional team.  Great teams operate from a place of collaboration and efficiency.  Underperforming teams, on the other hand, operate from a place of stress and poor execution.  If you’re part of a dysfunctional team and management isn’t taking the lead to rectify the situation, it’s time to look at other options.

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Poor Leadership
In a Gallup poll of over 1 million workers, the number one reason people quit their jobs was because of their manager.  Poor leadership that offers limited support, direction and mentoring can undermine an organization.  If you don’t understand the role you play in supporting the overall goals of your company, consistently feel undervalued and can see the impact that ineffective leadership is having on your team, you need to leave your accounting job.

Tip: For new finance managers who want to be great leaders, this worksheet offers practical strategies to help get you there.

Key Takeaways
There are several signs that it’s time to leave your accounting job.  If your opportunities for growth and advancement are limited and the company lacks leadership, it makes sense to look elsewhere.  Try and find an organization that offers a better cultural fit, management that’s invested in its people and a team that performs up to snuff.  Since we spend most of our adult life working, doesn’t it make sense that we do something that fosters personal and professional satisfaction?

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