What to Look for on a Finance Resume

You eye the pile of resumes on your desk speculatively. They look dusty. You search your mind – how long ago was it that you last rifled through them? You know that your team needs a new addition to help them cope with their current workload, but where to start?

Not all finance resumes are created equally. By focusing in on what matters you can save yourself time and energy. In fact, look for the three items listed below to help you select the quality candidate who can help your team be successful.

Systems Information

Good finance resumes include specific systems information. Strong technical know-how can differentiate a quality candidate from the average job seeker. Whether it’s Oracle, SAP or high level Excel skills, the resume should clearly and precisely explain how they were used by the candidate to further their company’s goals.

Key Projects and Initiatives

Great finance resumes are outcome focused. Look for candidates who can clearly explain their roles in meeting company milestones. Consider current organizational needs and look for candidates with similar levels of experience. The candidate will need less training as he/she will already possess the necessary success-based framework to drive results.

Desire for Continuous Improvement

One characteristic of successful finance professionals is their desire for continuous improvement. Whether it’s taking key courses, or improving the efficiency of existing processes, the best finance professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve their skill set and add value to their company. A strong resume will reflect evidence that the candidate is committed to on-going professional growth.

Hiring well can mean identifying strong finance resumes from ones that are lacking. Use the three items above to help ensure that you choose candidates that can drive value for your company and bring success to your team.

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