New Year’s Resolutions for Your Finance Career

It’s that time of year again, where we make promises to ourselves, pursue them with great vigour for a month and then typically go back to our old habits.

But here are 3 New Year’s resolutions for your finance career that you’re going to want to keep, particularly if you can see the lights of a promotion in the near distance.

Challenge Yourself
Sometimes it’s easy to stay comfortable, but complacency doesn’t help you advance your career. Resolve to challenge yourself by taking on a special project, or the lead in an initiative. Step up to the plate and deliver. People will notice and you’ll have the added advantage of building your resume – a win/win.

Fill the Gaps
Take a look at your professional skill set, are there a few tools missing that could benefit your career aspirations? Create a resolution to take a course or two that will, for example, improve your communication style or management skills. Employers value people who are engaged and invested. Taking additional professional development shows you’re both.

Become a Better Networker
When you’re tired and frazzled, attending a networking function can have all the appeal of ­­­walking a dog in a downpour. But networking even once a month can pay dividends down the road. Attend a staff function or go to a CPA event. Do a favour for a manager in a different department or connect with a recruiter to keep up to date on what’s happening in the market. Network before you require something, not when you suddenly need a word in the right ear.

Set yourself up for a great 2015 by resolving to challenge yourself. Add to your professional skill set and consider becoming a better networker. It will pay dividends down the road.

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