Peaking in Your Accounting Interview

Great athletes plan their peak to coincide with a major competition. It takes discipline, focus and a whole lot of advance preparation.  And while you’re not going to increase your protein intake, or run three sets of stairs to get ready for your accounting interview, there are strategies you can employ to ensure that you cross the finish line first. A lot of it starts with understanding the Peak/End Rule.

The Peak End Rule
Let’s start by explaining the Peak/End Rule.  Basically people tend to judge an experience by its peaks, or high points. They also consider how it ends (think blockbuster movie).  Neither the duration of the experience, nor its overall pleasantness (or unpleasantness) impact this. Yep, you heard it here first. The length of your interview doesn’t really change your potential hiring manager’s impression of you. What does matter is that you offer peak moments and a strong ending. So if you want to be the Michael Jordan of the interview game then read on.

Is it Really Luck?
Since luck is really when preparation meets opportunity, you want as much ‘luck’ as you can get.  Read everything you can about the company and its goals. Look at their website, social media, and google the name of the organization. Identify at least two personal accomplishments that could tie into the company’s goals or vision.  Prepare to communicate specific, measureable outcomes for full effect.

Then wait for your opportunity during the interview. It might come in the form of a question that asks you about your strengths, or maybe why you applied for the job.  Regardless, having a few accomplishment based stories positions you as ready to take on the role. Remember to outline the challenge you faced, how you handled it and the benefits that resulted. Good stories that can help your future boss achieve his/her goals are memorable. You want to be memorable.

Body Language
No doubt about it, your body language and tone are important during an interview.  Draw attention to your peak moments by becoming more animated. Make sure your tone and body language communicate confidence. Finally, take careful notice of your interviewer’s body language. Are they engaged, nodding their head?  If so, great. It means they are receptive to what you are saying. Don’t be surprised if you get a follow-up question to your story – also a good sign.

Using the Peak/End Rule is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition during an interview. Do your advance research and use it to craft great accomplishment based stories that tie into the company’s vision. Communicate your stories using open, confident body language, coupled with an animated tone.  After all, you want to be memorable for all the right reasons and the Peak/End Rule helps you accomplish that.

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