Removing Bias in Hiring with Behavioural Science

We’ve conducted a webinar in partnership with BEworks, one of the world’s first consulting teams dedicated to the application of behavioural economics in hiring, to discuss diversity and inclusion within the workplace, and the work that needs to be done to remove bias in hiring.

This is a challenging and complex subject, and our webinar aims to educate and inform the hiring decisions that our clients make. Our President, Joe Diubaldo, in collaboration with BEworks experts Dhushan Thevarajah and Shelbie Sutherland, PhD explores the impact of unconscious bias in hiring, approaches to improving diversity and inclusion, and removing bias through behavioural science.

Watch bias in hiring on-demand for:

  • The impact of unconscious bias and the common mistakes that hiring managers make 
  • Examples of unconscious bias within the workplace 
  • Typical approaches to improving diversity and inclusion, and their drawbacks
  • A framework for how to remove bias in hiring through behavioural science
  • A hiring case study for a finance manager

Watch the Webinar

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