Tips from Toronto Recruiters: Generation Z

Everybody is talking about how to attract, land and retain top millennial talent (Generation Y). There is, however, a new generation on the horizon and they differ in key ways from their predecessors.

Here’s what you need to know to get ready to hire Generation Z.

Who are generation Z?
While there are no precise dates associated with this generation, researchers typically use the mid-1990s to 2010 to define their age. Five years from now, they’ll represent 20% of the workforce. 

Some general trends regarding Generation Z:

  • Grew up during an economic downturn 
  • More risk adverse than Generation Y 
  • Value stability and routine more than Generation Y
  • Want a flexible workplace 
  • Need to see greater meaning in what they do – feel that they are making a difference
  • Even more technologically savvy than Generation Y
  • Share close relationships with their parents 
  • Value diversity 
  • Socially conscious generation

Tips for Recruiting Generation Z

A) Making a Difference
This group wants to feel like they are making a difference. Speak to any organizational policies and values that address issues in the larger community. You don’t have to be a non-profit to appeal to this generation, but it’s helpful if you’re an organization that strives to make a difference in your community.

B) Alignment
Generation Z wants alignment between their values and any role they apply for. This makes company culture particularly important when connecting with potential candidates.  Take the time to learn about your applicants and their values during the interview process.

C) Career Trajectory
Like millennials, Generation Z wants to understand the path to advancement. They value mentoring and constructive feedback. Firms that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth stand out to Generation Z.

Pro Tip: Connect the responsibilities of the role to the larger picture of the organization. This helps your candidates see the importance of what they’ll be doing on a daily basis.

D) Streamlined Hiring Process
Generation Z grew up with information at their fingertips and like millennials they are not patient with a slow hiring process. Take too long to interview them and they’ll likely move on to the next opportunity.

E) Transparency
Be honest about what the job looks like. Generation Z values transparency and honesty. Like Generation Y they are loyal to an individual, not a company, so make sure that managers build genuine relationships with their direct reports.

F) Compensation
Because many of them witnessed firsthand the impact of an economic downturn on their parents and grandparents, compensation is particularly important to Generation Z. Make sure that salary and benefits are in line with market expectations when making an offer. 

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G) Communication
Face-to-face communication is important to Generation Z, so schedule regular one-to-one meetings. In addition, they have a preference for working in small groups, so the quality of any team they join should be emphasized during the recruiting process.

Resource: Read this article to learn how to make your one-to-ones with employees more productive.

H) Respect
Soon there will be 4 generations in the workforce – baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z. Firms that foster a culture of respect and diversity are most likely to attract and retain top talent. Consider this quote from McKinsey and Company, “More diverse companies, we believe, are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.”  

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Key Takeaways
Over the next 5 years more Generation Z candidates will be joining the workforce. Like their Generation Y counterparts they value mentoring, clear communication about their career path and opportunities for personal and professional growth. They crave stability and transparency in the workplace. They want to learn and are willing to work hard. Organizations that create a culture of respect will reap the benefits of a generation that brings with them innovation, creativity and a desire to collaborate.

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