Tips for Sweeping the Best Finance and Accounting Candidates Off Their Feet

The courting process for wooing the best finance and accounting candidates is a complex one.

But to ensure that the nuptials take place, and you sign your candidate of choice to the dotted line, consider following the tips listed below.


Top talent always wants an opportunity to grow and develop. By offering a mentoring program, you not only ensure that your finance and accounting candidate feels welcome, but also that his or her transition into the marriage is a smooth one. A mentoring program sends the message that a company invests in its employees. And at the end of the day, you want to keep this budding relationship flourishing, not fading from a lack of attention. After all, it’s not enough to sign top talent, you also need to retain them.

Interview Structure

Your interview structure is particularly critical in sweeping the best finance and accounting talent off of their feet. If a candidate impresses in the initial interview, have other decision makers on standby. This enables you to connect the candidate to the people that matter, and streamlines the process. This, in turn, creates engagement for the candidate and helps them feel a sense of value – two things necessary for top talent to move forward into a healthy working partnership.

Strong Brand

Getting someone to commit to a long-term relationship involves communicating in language that speaks to their needs. Since great talent likes a chance to spread their wings, make sure your brand speaks to opportunities for growth. Let’s face it, no one wants to feel trapped and stagnant in a relationship.

A strong brand, interview process and mentoring program will help you attract, land and retain (perhaps most importantly) great finance and accounting talent. Because fundamentally, who wants to be out there again in two months time, looking for the next perfect candidate?  Better to do it right the first time.

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