Top 5 Accounting Job Search Tips

If you want to secure an accounting job that speaks to both your core values and your wallet, consider executing on these top 5 accounting job search tips.

Conducting a job search is much like conducting an orchestra, many things have to happen at once for it to be successful. If you want to hear the sweet song that comes from landing a great accounting job, strategic preparation is critical to your success. Self-awareness, a knowledge of your personal core values and a hunger to persevere, often differentiate the successful candidate, from the one who has to return to the drawing board.

Follow Your Passion

The road to a great accounting job is paved with self-awareness. Put another way, people who follow their passion are more likely to stay with their organization, get promoted and experience a higher level of job satisfaction. Before you begin your job search, ask yourself what your personal deal breakers are. For example, perhaps you prioritize a dynamic work environment, where innovation and commitment to continuous improvement are emphasized. In this case, a fast-paced start-up, with its attendant challenges, might be a better place to direct your job search energy, rather than a company whose reputation speaks to moderation.

Research the Industries

Once you have an awareness of your core values, begin mapping the industries that speak to them. Your goal in this part of your job search is to find an alignment between your passion and the industries that will allow you to explore it. Refine your search by using Google and LinkedIn and focus on your geographical area.

Define the Key Players and Build Relationships

The next step in your process should be to define the key players in the industries that interest you the most. Social media tools like LinkedIn are great ways to grow your professional network. Relationship building is an art founded on patience and a posture of service. Remember, many great accounting jobs are never advertised and people who skip networking as part of their job search, don’t ever hear about these life-changing opportunities.

…people who skip networking as part of their job search, don’t ever hear about these life-changing opportunities.

Create a Plan

The heart of any good job search is a well thought-out career plan. A career goal should speak not only to your skills and abilities, but also to your passion. For example, perhaps you want to be an Accounting Manager in a company that encourages innovation and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. You’ll notice that the end goal is not merely the position, but also what makes you tick- increasing your chances of staying in the role and experiencing career satisfaction.

Find a Recruiter

Recruiters specializing in your area of interest can be exceptional resources in the quest to secure a great accounting job. To locate a tenured recruiter use LinkedIn or Google. Reach out to a recruiter, explain what you are looking for and begin the process of building a mutually beneficial relationship founded on respect. Recruiters, with their well-established networks, can help move your career forward.

Conducting an efficient, successful job search does not have to be an arduous process. By investing a small amount of time in defining your core values and researching your industry of choice, you can increase your odds of a successful outcome: a fulfilling accounting job that engages you intellectually and speaks to your passion.

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