The Value of Taking a Transition Accounting Job

By  Jen Narayan

Jen is the Recruitment and Research Manager at Clarity Recruitment. With over seven years of human resources experience and a deep understanding of the importance of human capital, Jen is our go-to HR guru. Connect with Jen on LinkedIn.  

Are you looking for a new professional experience but aren’t totally sure where you want to go? Maybe it’s time to consider a transition accounting job.

While not as glamorous as a promotion, a transition job (also sometimes called a lateral move) can help provide the new experiences you need to re-inspire or re-direct your accounting or finance career.

Here’s why:

  • Lateral moves can expose you to a new part of the business, allowing you to develop different skills. This means you’ll be able to expand your professional toolkit.
  • Making a few lateral moves helps prepare you for your next promotion, as you will be a more experienced, well-rounded business partner.
  • Taking a lateral position may give you time to focus on other aspects of your career development such as your education and other soft or technical skills.
  • Lateral moves will most likely introduce you to a different group of colleagues. Not only will you gain new skills, you’ll also expand your professional network.

At the end of the day, there is always something positive to gain from a new experience. And even if your transition role doesn’t end up being your dream job, it will certainly help provide clarity on where you want your accounting or finance career to go. If you approach your career as an on-going learning opportunity and continue to look for the positive in every situation, you’re sure to be successful.

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