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People thrive when they're comfortable in their environment. LumaFi Teams helps you assess and understand your team's behaviours and provides information to help leaders, hiring managers, teams and candidates have better conversations about culture.

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Measure your company culture

Define your company culture using a common language from the perspectives of your team and company. Access a Company Culture Profile with your company’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 culture traits, and view nuances across teams.

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For New Hires


Empower conversations and improve hiring

Identify areas of alignment and misalignment between your company culture and how new recruits value those same norms, behaviours and traits to help facilitate the interview process while reducing bias and subjectivity.


Discover good (and bad) shifts in your overall company culture as you hire and grow

A company’s culture rarely remains static for long, especially in a rapidly growing environment. Promote a healthy company culture as things evolve over time by detecting shifts in company culture every 6 months.

For Companies

Over a year ago our Sales and Delivery teams were very siloed. Since then, we focused on developing a collaborative culture at our company. Recently, when we ran the culture assessment "Collaboration with others" ranked as one of our company's Top 5 most descriptive traits. It is incredibly rewarding to witness this positive shift.

- Andrew Seeley, VP of Client Services

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  • Understand sub-cultures within teams to focus on the right things to build a cohesive company
  • Identify alignment and gaps in what a new recruit desires vs what your workplace offers
  • Discover good (and bad) shifts in your overall company culture as you hire and grow
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