3 Reasons Finance Recruiters Are Passing Over Your LinkedIn Profile

You’ve been in job search mode for a couple of months now. You’ve prepared your resume, spoken to some key contacts and applied for some jobs.

But for some reason you aren’t getting any bites.

You’re on LinkedIn and with your skill set you thought finance recruiters would at least be interested in connecting with you, but for some reason they’re not. Why is that?

Not Updated

Not updating your profile is one of the most common mistakes we see as finance recruiters. For example, perhaps your current position is not the most recent role listed on your profile. This is particularly problematic if that company no longer exists, or has merged 2 times since you left. This poses a specific challenge to a recruiter. How do they know your current value? They would wonder if you were still working, invested in your career or developing your personal brand. Then, because time is short, they would move on to the next profile.

Consider as well, that if you are unemployed and open to contract work, a recruiter will likely pass over your profile if you are listed as currently employed, even if something might be perfect for you. You’ve missed that opportunity by not updating your profile.

No Defined Personal Brand

Finance recruiters like to see a clearly defined personal brand. This makes it easier to understand what you’re best at and what kind of roles you might be a fit for. If your LinkedIn profile is all over the place, then understanding what you could excel at becomes more challenging for the recruiter.

Inability to Connect

We are often surprised at how difficult it can be for us to connect with prospective candidates. This is not because they’re not interested in talking to us, but because they have made it difficult to receive InMails or connection requests. If you’ve indicated that you are interested in ‘career opportunities’ in your profile, make it easy for us to reach out to you and we will.

Your LinkedIn profile can be your single greatest tool for marketing your personal brand. Leverage it correctly and make sure finance recruiters can contact you.  After all, the perfect role may be waiting for you.

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