How Better Communication Can Improve Your Hiring Process

After your most recent job posting failed to turn up a quality candidate you’ve committed to improving your hiring process.

Might we humbly suggest that targeting how the company communicates internally and externally might be a good place to start.

Internal Communication
As a hiring manager you know what the role requires. HR also feels that way, as does the Director of Finance. The problem is that each of you has a different vision. For the hiring process to be successful you need to find a common ground. This means sitting down and hashing out what role requirements are ‘must haves’ and what you could live without. It also means understanding the type of person that will flourish in the position. When understanding around these two areas is achieved then you attract the right candidates.

Once you start communicating about the role in the interview process, the messaging between the company and the candidate needs to be consistent. Inconsistent messaging confuses the candidate and increases your chances of losing them. Try to ensure that each person the candidate meets understands the role and what is expected.

Social Media/Recruiter
When you post a role on social media or engage the help of a recruiter you need to keep your messaging consistent. If you ‘post and pray’ on LinkedIn, for example, keep in mind your company’s culture and the kind of person you want to attract. Personalize the ad accordingly. With recruiters ensure that they have access to the line manager and that there is alignment around role requirements to increase chances of success.

If your hiring process is not delivering the kind of candidates you need, try the 3 tips above to improve your odds of landing someone great.

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