CEO Spotlight: 5 Questions with Michelle Audas of Swept

Q&A with Michelle Audas CEO of Swept

Managing janitorial services can be a messy job. But what if we told you there’s a superhero in the world of operational software, ready to swoop in and turn the chaos into a well-organized cleaning extravaganza? Meet Swept – the game-changer for janitorial and commercial cleaning businesses. From untangling client communications to keeping a watchful eye on employee time and supplies, Swept is the ultimate sidekick designed to make your janitorial adventures smoother than ever.

Recently, we caught up with Michelle Audas, the fearless leader steering the Swept ship. We chatted about the evolution of the organization, the hurdles faced by a growing SaaS company, and the exciting plans in store as Swept continues to grow.

So, buckle up for a journey behind the janitorial scenes, where managing mess becomes a masterpiece

Here’s the scoop on what’s happening at Swept:

From CRO to CEO of Swept, you’re building a fast-growing company and forging the way to sustainable growth. What types of growth projects are you working on right now?

Heading into 2024, we’ll lead with growth initiatives that revolve around our product. Building on our mobile-first approach, we are working on the full translation of our mobile app to Spanish, running experiments with AI and management-level reports and insights.

Swept is making waves in the janitorial space and helping SMBs streamline their operations. As you continue to grow, what’s your vision for Swept in the future?

Our vision is to be in the pocket of every Janitorial Business Owner. In order to make this a reality, we need to serve real-time insights that let owners know where their teams are, what contracts are profitable and where costs are over and under budget.

Earlier-stage scale-ups often hire fractional CFOs for their cost-effective expertise, flexible arrangements, and strategic financial planning. Why were you looking to hire a fractional CFO and do you have any advice for other leaders considering that route?

Taking over as CEO, my first priority was to ensure I had full and complete visibility on our financial health. I needed a partner who understood our business model and could do a thorough and complete review of our financials. This was essential to building a new business plan with a solid foundation and quickly addressing some key questions on our path forward. I knew I would need expertise for an intensive period during the transition, however post-transition, my needs would be more in the areas of strategic advising and support. I need an experienced partner who can bring value to my decision-making process. This makes a fractional CFO an ideal choice for me.

In an ever-evolving job market, what have you found to be the most challenging aspect of attracting and retaining talent these days?

This one is tough. Early stage scale-ups by nature require employees to stretch into grey areas and work with a degree of ambiguity. I find people often say they are “excited” about this yet struggle with it during execution. This can lead to frustration which quickly spreads across the team. Opportunities to grow and learn are all around us, and it can be challenging for less experienced employees to know how to lean into these. During recruitment, I believe in being upfront about the expectations and challenges at each step, so we can create a stronger match. This leads to a better fit and helps with retention as well.

Inquiring minds want to know, what are you watching/listening to right now?

Well, ’tis the season for good music, and there is no shortage of it. I’m loving Noah Kahan (who doesn’t) these days, and War on Drugs are at the top of my playlist. Just finished watching The Morning Show, and found a great one I missed, Newsroom, which I am loving.

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