Meet Daniela Pachon, Senior Engagement Manager on Our Project & Interim Team

Meet Daniela Pachon

Meet Daniela Pachon, one of the Senior Engagement Managers on our Project & Interim team. When Daniela moved from the U.S. in 2019, she began her career in Canada on the trading floor at Scotiabank. She’s had a diverse career, having taken various roles in the financial sector at companies like EY and BlackRock. Now, she has joined Clarity to leverage her knowledge and experience to directly impact organizations by helping them make well-informed hiring decisions.

Tell us something interesting about you that’s not on your resume.

I love sports. I still play soccer and do scuba diving when I go to beach destinations.

You’ve had experience working in various areas of financial services, from fixed-income trading to client relationship management to investment analysis. Now, you’re helping build and nurture relationships at Clarity. How would you say your past career experiences prepared you for your role at Clarity?

My experience serves as a solid foundation to have intelligent conversations with individuals with whom I plan to develop and nurture meaningful relationships. These individuals are typically very well-educated CFOs or finance leaders within organizations, and it is important to understand and speak their business language.

My experience also has given me an understanding of how companies operate and the importance of having a well-established finance and accounting function, which is helping me to develop expertise in the service we offer very quickly.

Fast forward 6 months from now, what would success look like to you in your new role at Clarity as Sr. Engagement Manager?

Success after six months at Clarity would mean that I’m independently overseeing engagements from start to finish, and maintaining those relationships as time goes on. I will have developed a robust understanding of our services and have the confidence to manage meetings and discovery calls on my own. I’m striving to continue working on personal development and constant learning so that I can become a better salesperson and advisor to our clients every day.

We’re always looking for recommendations – what are you currently reading/watching/listening to? (Netflix, podcasts, books etc.).

I enjoy reading self-development books and am currently reading a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. It is very interesting and if you are into learning how the brain and humans operate you will find it fascinating as well.

As a true Latina I love “Telenovelas”! I just finished one called “The Unbroken Voice” about a Colombian singer and the story of her life. It was very easy to watch, and the best thing is that you will never run out of TV to watch because it has 2 seasons each with about 60 episodes.

For podcasts, I love Lewis Howes and listening to all the interviews he does with incredibly smart people as well as the Huberman Lab, though Andrew Huberman is a little bit more intense.

We know how you’ll be spending your 9-5. What keeps you busy outside of work in your 5-9?

I enjoy taking workout classes, reading, and going for hikes when the weather allows. Only recently I started enjoying cooking, so I have improved my skills a lot. My favourite thing to do is to travel to beach destinations and swim in the ocean.

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