4 Signs You’re Rocking an Accounting Job Interview

Good news! There are certain signs you can look for that indicate you’re rocking an accounting job interview.

Watch for these hints.

1.    It feels like more of a conversation than an interview 

If you’re in the midst of an interview for an accounting job and you realize the discussion is beginning to feel more like a natural conversation between friends than a stiff, one-sided interview process, it means you’ve established a good rapport with the potential employer and have succeeded in putting them at ease.

2.    You’re connecting with the interviewer
It can be easy, when you’re sitting across a hiring committee wracked by nerves, to forget that the people interviewing you for an accounting job are human. However, if you manage to find common ground with one or all of them and to genuinely connect on a more personal level, there’s a good chance the accounting job is in the bag.

…if you can find common ground with one or all of them and to genuinely connect on a more personal level, there’s a good chance you’re making a good impression.

3.    They seem genuinely curious about you
If the person or people interviewing you for an accounting job show authentic curiosity about your past work and experiences, this generally means they like you, are impressed by you and are interested in learning more about your career trajectory. Genuine curiosity, will be evident in whether or not they ask you follow-up or “off-script” questions. It’s also reflected in their body language. Do they fully face you or lean towards you? Are they making eye contact, nodding responsively and smiling or laughing? All very good signs.

4.    They reveal something about themselves
If the person interviewing you for an accounting job lets their guard down and reveals an off-the-cuff or somewhat more personal anecdote about themselves—perhaps something sparked by something you said—it means they are connecting with you enough to show some vulnerability and to break down the seemingly rigid power dynamic of interviewer-interviewee.

Interviews can be extremely daunting. But tuning into the more subtle signs of interviewer interest—or disinterest—can both help you improve your interviewing technique and make sitting in the host seat somewhat more bearable.

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