Why Finance Recruiters are Great Partners for Hiring Managers

Finance recruiters, with their well-developed networks and overall knowledge of different industries, make great partners for hiring managers.

Whether it’s finding the perfect fit for your team, or connecting with top talent, an experienced finance recruiter can be a valuable asset in the hunt for your next employee.

Maintain a Relationship

As a Director of Finance once told us, “You’re always a candidate, but sometimes you’re a client.” By maintaining a relationship with a tenured finance recruiter, you accomplish two things. Firstly, the recruiter learns what you value in people, particularly their skills and personality traits. This enables the recruiter to move quickly on your behalf if there is a vacancy to be filled on your team.

Secondly, in the fast-moving world of accounting and finance, restructuring, or the need to transition into a new role, can happen quickly. In the blink of an eye, you can become a candidate. A strong relationship with a recruiter can be particularly valuable in situations such as this. After all, now you have an ally in your corner who understands what you bring to the table and can help you land your new position.


A great recruiting partnership is just that – a partnership. Finance recruiters make great partners if you take the time to help them understand your business. Of course the recruiter needs to make a real effort to know what drives your organization, what has been successful in the past and what’s failed. In this scenario both the client and the finance recruiters must come to the table united by their desire to achieve a successful outcome.

Finance recruiters can help you successfully navigate the choppy waters of the hiring process, land top talent and work tirelessly on your behalf. Ultimately, they can be a valuable ally in creating positive results.

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