Hiring Advice for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Clarity Recruitment President and CEO, Joe Diubaldo, recently chatted with Rick Spence of StartUp Canada to discuss hiring challenges and opportunities and share hiring advice for entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

Hiring advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups: In conversation with StartUp Canada

“Hiring is hard,” Joe Diubaldo says. “But it doesn’t have to be. Implementing a winning hiring strategy is going to accelerate the business.”

Clarity Recruitment’s President and Founder, Joe Diubaldo, recently chatted with Rick Spence on the Canada Startup Podcast about everything from his five guiding principles for hiring new talent to how he started out in the recruitment industry.  

Throughout the conversation, Joe shares insight for founders looking to hire people and build a team, and for determining the right approach. He also discusses the importance of determining the right time to hire specific roles and for understanding how investing in the right talent can accelerate growth. And of course, they also discuss the role of cognitive biases in the hiring process and how to mitigate its negative influence.

“People rely on their instincts and previous experiences and knowledge when they’re hiring talent,” Joe says. “The hard part to wrap your mind around is there is a pretty good chance you might not know what you’re doing to the degree that you should.”

Knowing your own limitations as a company is key to understanding future hires. “What’s my circle of competence?” Joe asks his clients to consider. “Where am I good at something, then where does that diminish? I’m asking myself that question every time I’m hiring.”

Case in point: Clarity has been responsible for building out the entire finance team at several fast-growth companies. Joe tells Startup the story about working with one energy company that needed to fill 12 positions in just six months and requested a spotlight on diversity from the candidate pool, which helped shape the company’s culture going forward. 

There is a receptive audience inside these growth companies to focus on diversity, he says. “Exceptional talent is everywhere. We have to find that.” 

Joe also shares his five core principles for building a hiring process with entrepreneurial listeners.  They include:

  1. Sweat the job description.
  2. Establish Knockout Criteria.
  3. Conduct a structured interview. 
  4. Culture happens within the team.
  5. Seek truth in work samples.

So what does Joe see as the one hiring mistake companies make (it’s not what you think)? What are the most critical questions he always asks clients? Check out the podcast to get more tips and information on hiring more effectively.

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