How Finance Fuels Growth

Why CEOs and CFOs say Finance is Critical to Accelerating Company Growth

BNN Bloomberg recently reported that Canada’s technology sector saw $3.26 Billion worth of IPOs in Q1, the highest in 15 years. Canada is currently prime ground for rapidly growing tech companies.

But how can start-ups and scale-ups successfully set themselves up for rapid growth? We sat down with CEOs, Founders and CFOs leading Canada’s fastest growing companies. All of them shared the same key insight into their organization’s success: the role of finance, when used effectively, can fuel and even accelerate the growth of a company.

Investing for growth often means investing early, investing aggressively and investing in different products based on decisions backed by the data you have at the time

Leen Li, CEO of Wealthsimple Foundation

Achieve Breakout Growth Status

Why High Growth CEOs, Founders and CFOs Need to Download this Report:

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  • When to invest in finance talent to grow
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