How to Search for a New Accounting Job

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or someone looking to make a change, there are specific steps to searching for a new accounting job.  The key is developing a structured plan that covers everything from industry/company choice to leveraging social media. Here are some tips for identifying and landing your next (or first) accounting job.

Industry Choice
Start by defining which industry you want to work in. Recent graduates should evaluate industry growth, potential opportunities and core value alignment. Established accountants should do the same, but also make a list of their transferrable skills. While employers prefer accountants with industry-specific experience, there is an increasing openness to hiring candidates with solid transferrable skills.

Company Choice
It’s imperative that you decide what kind of company you want to work for. Does your personality suit a fast-paced start-up, or an organization that offers predictable routine? Do you want to work in the non-profit sector, or for one of the Big 4? For those accountants already working, career satisfaction can be greatly improved by making the leap to a company whose culture is a better fit.

Pro Tip: Use Google to help you locate companies in a specific industry. For example, by googling “consumer goods companies in Toronto” you get job postings, but also access to articles like this one.

Whether you’re already working, or looking for your first job, networking is an integral part of the process. At this stage, you’re simply gathering information. Focus on building relationships and asking people what they like about their industry or organization. Attend networking industry events and trade shows (if applicable). Get active on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is up-to-date, participate in groups and share industry information on your feed.

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Polish Your Resume
Update your resume. Make sure you have a list of accomplishments under each of the roles that you’ve held. Quantify what you’ve achieved with specific numbers. While you’ll modify your resume based on each role you apply to, a strong baseline resume is a good place to start, particularly if you meet with a recruiter.

To learn how to create a resume that has impact read “The Best Finance Resume We Ever Received.”

Find a Recruiter
Identify a recruiter that specializes in accounting and finance. They’re likely to have a broader network of employer contacts. Next, ask if the recruiter works frequently in your industry of choice. If they don’t, it’s likely they will know someone who does. Good recruiters will be partners in your process, offering resume tips, career advice and interview strategies.

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Key Takeaways
A structured approach to any job search is likely to pay higher dividends than tossing a number of darts and hoping they hit the target. Define which industry you want to work in. Identify companies within that industry that interest you based on potential growth and core value alignment. Leverage LinkedIn and network as much as you can. Identify a recruiter that can help you, and form a relationship with them based on transparency and respect. Before you know it, you’ll have landed your next opportunity.

Your Next Step
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