Tips from Toronto Recruiters: Accounting Job Search Myths

Myth 1: Resumes No Longer Matter
In the age of social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, it may be tempting to disregard the importance of your resume. But as your primary marketing calling card, resumes matter. To avoid making a resume faux pas that can torpedo your chances, read the “Top 5 Accounting and Finance Resume Mistakes.”  And for guidance on crafting an award winning resume, read “The Best Finance Resume We Ever Received.”

Myth 2: Industry Experience Rules the Day
Industry experience is important, and many employers prefer that you have it. That being said, not applying to a role because you lack industry experience could be a job search mistake. Toronto recruiters that specialize in the finance and accounting industry encourage employers to look at transferable skills, along with specific accomplishments. Make sure, therefore, to highlight your transferable skills on your resume and in the application process. Use outcome focused language with specific numbers to highlight your accomplishments.

ReadHow to Identify Your Transferable Skills” for additional guidance. 

Myth 3: Networking Won’t Help 
Here’s an interesting statistic – 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. Build relationships cross-functionally in your organization, leverage the power of social media, particularly LinkedIn to keep in touch with former colleagues.  Build a relationship with a finance recruiter. The more relationships you have, the more opportunities you’ll be exposed to.  So the next time you have a chance to attend industry events, or connect with a potential mentor, say “yes.”

ReadTips for Accountants – The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking” for guidance on how to use networking to land your next opportunity.

Myth 4: All Recruiters are the Same
Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience with a recruiter, or one of your friends has. Regardless, believing that all recruiters are the same, means that you could be missing out on a valuable job search resource. Identify a recruiter that specializes in the finance and accounting industry. Look for someone who operates from a place of transparency and explains the process to you. Good recruiters will act as career resources – offering you guidance, resume advice and interview tips. Remember, recruiters often have access to roles that are not advertised anywhere else.

To learn how to identify a great recruiter read, “Need Help with Your Job Search? How to Spot a Good Finance Recruiter.”

Myth 5: I Don’t Need to Follow-Up
It’s critical to follow-up. Whether it’s thanking an employer for an interview, or connecting periodically with your recruiter to check in on a prospective role, following up can pay dividends. 

  • With a recruiter – Follow-up with your recruiter every 2 weeks. Let the recruiter know how your search is going and kindly remind the recruiter that you are highly motivated to make a move. It is also a good idea to let the recruiter know if the parameters of your search have changed at all. Please do not call every day.
  • With a prospective employer – If the employer has not outlined the timeline for follow-up clearly, it is not unreasonable to send a weekly email indicating that you are still interested in the role. Remember, just because the employer does not get back to you right away, does not mean they aren’t interested.

Key Takeaways
It’s a competitive job market. Make sure that your resume is up to snuff. Leverage the power of networking, and don’t disregard a job posting because you don’t have industry experience. Connect with a recruiter that specializes in the finance and accounting industry, and make sure to follow-up with prospective employers. Don’t let any of the accounting job search myths outlined in the blog above derail your efforts in getting the job you want.

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