5 Questions to Ask Before Accepting Your New Finance Job

The interview might be over, and you may already have received a job offer, but that doesn’t mean you should be done with your questioning.

So congratulations are in order! You’ve successfully navigated the potentially challenging waters of the interview process and have emerged as the candidate of choice. (Was there ever any doubt?) Give yourself a pat on the back, take a deep breath, and consider what you’ve accomplished.

But now is no time to rest on your laurels. Rather, you should be raising some key questions to lay a foundation for excellence in your new finance job. Here, then, are some things you need to ask before you say “yes,” so that you can be assured of success in your new role.

Determine your manager

The first question you should ask before accepting your new finance job is: “Who am I reporting to?” This question is especially important if your direct manager wasn’t a member of the interviewing team, or you weren’t introduced to them as part of the process.

Once you’ve determined who’s directly above you in the corporate pecking order, you’ll want to figure out exactly what they want from you, as a new hire – the kinds of things you’ll need to do to succeed in your new job. Understanding your new manager’s expectations for your performance will be integral to your success. After all, it will be tough to succeed if you don’t know the position’s milestones.

Assess the team

The next question you need to ask concerns your current team. Inquire into how long they’ve been working together. For example, you could ask: “What has the rate of turnover been on the immediate team?”

The answer to this question will speak to the company’s awareness of the importance of a strong team culture. Your new finance job should afford you an opportunity to work with a tenured team – one whose natural working style meshes well with your own.

The first question you should ask before accepting your new finance job is: “Who am I reporting to?”

Identify metrics

Before accepting your new finance job, make sure you know how you’re going to be evaluated. A key question in this vein to ask could be: “What will success look like at the end of twelve months?”

This will help you determine the baseline for achievement. By knowing your end goal, you can figure out whether or not your new gig is going to be reasonable, or if it will prove to be too demanding.

Figure out the timing

It’s important you have an idea as to why the position is available in the first place. Tread carefully, however; some employers may be reluctant to tip their hand in this regard. Ask something like: “Why are you hiring for this role at this time?”

This will help you determinate what you’re walking into before you accept the job. Double-check the situation with some close connections in your professional network to take a pulse of the company, so that you don’t end up joining a bad situation.

Your new finance job should afford you an opportunity to work with a tenured team – one whose natural working style meshes well with your own.

Ask about opportunities for progress

If you’re looking to grow with your role, you need to ask about opportunities for professional growth and development, so that you can assess if the company will be able to provide you with long-term job satisfaction. After all, you don’t want to have to go through this process all over again in a couple of years, because you find yourself having to leave your job.

One possible way to ask the question could be: “Assuming I meet expectations and deliver, are there other opportunities for me to grow my skill set?” The answer to this question will let you know if the company offers additional training opportunities, challenges and room for you to build your professional expertise.

A new finance job is a wonderful opportunity. It offers you a chance to demonstrate what makes you exceptional and to grow with a company that is a fit for your core values. But before you accept your new finance job and sign on the dotted line, have someone in the organization clarify your questions and concerns about the role. Indeed, by posing these questions politely and in advance, you’ll demonstrate a genuine interest in a successful, win-win partnership for the future – the kind that will excite any potential employer.

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