Building a High-Growth Start-Up with the CEO of Maple

Our President & Founder Joe Diubaldo and the CEO and Co-Founder of the successful high-growth healthtech company Maple, Brett Belchetz, sat down to discuss the experience of building a high-growth organization.

The podcast, Building a High-Growth Start-Up, covers the complex journey of a fast-growing start-up from the early stages. It details many of the challenges Founders and CEOs face as they scale up, and which are detailed in our report How Finance Fuels Growth.The podcast discusses: 

  • The role of effective finance teams
  • The importance of maintaining culture as you grow, which can be overlooked by Founders
  • Best practices when recruiting the right talent for your business
  • The common challenges high-growth Founders face when scaling their businesses 
  • The fundraising considerations and strategies needed to scale

Once we began to speak with more sophisticated investors and venture capitalists, it became very clear that we needed to bring on senior finance talent to help us continue on our accelerated growth path. Having a senior finance leader provide a transparent picture of the business’s performance to investors is incredibly helpful.



Dr. Brett Belchetz, CEO & Co-Founder of MapleWhen you’re building a high-growth finance team, cultural alignment is critical: do they support the company’s mission, and have they taken the time to understand where the organization is going? The next thing to consider when evaluating finance talent is the candidate’s ability to learn rapidly, especially during growth events like an IPO. Then you have to consider the technical skills that are needed to succeed on day one.



Joe Diubaldo, MBA, President & Founder of Clarity RecruitmentListen to the podcast now:

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