Greening Your Home Finance Office

Working out of your home and looking to go green? Follow these tips to make your virtual finance office as eco-friendly as can be.

Last week, we identified some ways for accountants who work out of their homes to optimize their virtual finance offices. But there’s no reason your workplace shouldn’t be environmentally sound, even if that workplace happens also to be your home. Growing numbers of companies today are going green; chances are your employer is, too, so it might be worth the effort to follow suit in your home office. Nor does it require a lot of work on your part. In fact, a few simple strategies can making your home finance office more eco-friendly.

Switch to LED lighting

Compared to conventional incandescent lighting, LED lights are extremely long-lasting; a single bulb can last for upwards of 40,000 hours. LED lights also use far less energy.

To be sure, LED light bulbs can be more expensive upfront. But you’ll ultimately cash in on their longevity. Plus, their lesser consumption of electricity will make for a reduced power bill.   

Purchase a sustainable desk chair 

Setting up your home accounting job office will probably require the purchase of a new, extra comfortable and ergonomic chair, especially if you’re at all concerned with workplace well-being.

You might as well choose a chair, then, that’s constructed with sturdy, recyclable materials. For environmentally ethical furniture in Toronto, try stores like The Zero Point, Urban Tree Salvage, and StyleGarage. 

But there’s no reason your workplace shouldn’t be environmentally sound, even if that workplace happens also to be your home.

Draw upon natural light

To take your accounting job home office’s electricity conservation another step further, consider forgoing extensive reliance on artificial lights. Instead, make use of that Mother Nature-given sunlight. Set up your accounting job home office in a room with a south-facing window, to maximize the amount of light (and vitamin D!) that filters in each day. 

Get a plant

There’s no more obvious way to literally go green than to add to your office’s greenery with a few plants. Not only can they absorb airborne toxins; plants are also a cheap and simple means of making your accounting job home office look aesthetically pleasing. Stock your new home office with some foliage.

Whether you’re in a self-employed accounting job or are working remotely for a larger company, moving your accounting job office to a home setting can be a big step, so you may want to minimize the footprint you leave. Ensure that your work environment is efficient in every sense – including environmentally.

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