How to Write a Better Accounting Job Description

Not attracting the right kinds of candidates? Perhaps you need to work on your “sales pitch.” Here are some tips for writing better accounting job descriptions.

It’s a widely used, but still relevant, analogy: the world of recruiting is a lot like the world of professional sports.

Everyone wants to hire the Tom Brady’s and LeBron James’ of the accounting world – superstars who can carry the rest of the team along with them while delivering record-breaking individual performances.

The question most employers and hiring managers find themselves asking, however, is: how do you attract that kind of top talent to your finance and accounting team? What does it take to reel in the premier “free agents” on the market?

As every tenured recruiter will tell you, hiring smart starts with writing an engaging accounting job description that will resonate with your target audience – in this case, the top candidates on the market. To produce an effective accounting job description, you need, of course, to understand the key requirements and responsibilities of the role, and to describe them in a succinct and accurate manner. But you also need to be able to communicate your company’s particular brand, so that you attract candidates who are compatible with your core values.

Deconstruct the job

Before you attempt to write a winning accounting job description, you need to understand what the role will involve. Clearly identify the basic requirements for the position, ensuring that you address not only your short-term needs, but also your long-term objectives.

Hiring smart starts with writing an engaging accounting job description that will resonate with your target audience.

To develop an accurate picture of the ideal candidate, you will want to solicit the input of the stakeholders who will be most affected by the hiring. Once you have compiled a list of the main duties and functions of the role, as well as the skills and personality traits you and your peers would like to see from candidates, determine your “deal-breakers” in a hire – the competencies that will be essential for them to succeed in the position. This will help to trim the fat from your job description, reducing its requirements to the bare essentials.

Speak to the hiring pool

Who is your ideal hire? What traits will they need in order to be successful? Strong public speaking and communication skills? An ability to multitask and juggle several responsibilities on the fly? The most effective accounting job descriptions speak directly to your ideal candidate; they should be able to see themselves in the summary.

Craft a compelling narrative that appeals to your potential hire’s job and career aspirations. While every company will have its own unique voice, your overall tone should be light, engaging, and conversational. Aim for a powerful opening that connects with your audience in order to excite them about the position’s possibilities, as well as to encourage them to read the rest of the accounting job description.

While every company will have its own unique voice, your overall tone should be light, engaging, and conversational.

Key milestones

An effective accounting job description outlines the key deliverables that the candidate will be expected to achieve within a given amount of time (normally a year). Don’t be vague: while you may not want to publicize your company’s goals, clarifying your expectations will help candidates determine whether they are suited for the job. Being clear about your goals and expectations for the position should produce a more qualified pool of potential hires – candidates with previous track records of success who know they can do the job.

There’s a strong correlation between the quality of the job posting that a company crafts, and the type of talent that it ultimately attracts. By following these tips, you have a much greater chance of writing a winning accounting job description that will draw the kind of candidates who will help your company succeed.

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