You’ve Just Been Restructured – Now What?

You’ve just been restructured. Perhaps you had advance knowledge and have had time to prepare. Or maybe you’ve been blindsided. Take a step back and understand that there is a way to see this as an opportunity. Here are some steps to wading into the job market and landing your next role.

Step 1: Refresh Resume
Update your resume. Include any recent accomplishments. Quantify successes with numbers if possible. For tips on writing a great resume read “The Best Finance Resume We’ve Ever Received.

Pro Tip: You may find that when it comes to refreshing your resume you’ve forgotten some of your best achievements. In the future establish a file that takes note of your accomplishments. Even better, update your resume each time you meet or exceed expectations.

Step 2: Update LinkedIn
We’ve written extensively about the power of LinkedIn to help you land a job. Rather than repeat ourselves, here are some of our most shared posts:

Pro Tip: Remember that LinkedIn operates like a search engine. To use this to your advantage identify common keywords that are in the job postings of roles that interest you. Incorporate those keywords throughout your profile, paying particular attention to your summary section.

Step 3: Activate Network
Start by activating your professional network. The goal in this step is to increase your information about the current job market. Reach out to people you’ve worked with in previous roles or contacts from your professional association. Ask to go for coffee, keeping in mind that you want to catch up, not ask for a job. Try to ask questions that help you understand your contact’s industry and organization. This will help you source opportunities.

Pro Tip: Finding a job is a job in itself, so treat it as one. This means having coffees/meetings every day with different contacts. Continue to touch base with contacts periodically to nurture the relationship.  Keep the conversation informal.

Step 4: Connect With a Recruiter
Meet with recruiters who specialize in the finance and accounting industry (and meet with recruiters who understand the permanent and contract space). Let them know that you are on the market and actively looking. Because recruiters meet people every day be specific about where you excel. Be open to contract roles – they will help you keep your skills sharp and potentially offer you experience in a different industry.

Pro Tip: Recruiters are often the first people that employers in a crunch reach out to, not only for permanent roles, but for contract positions particularly.  Read “Five Mistakes to Avoid With a Finance Recruiter” to get tips on building a constructive relationship with your recruiter.

Key Takeaways
Getting restructured can be a gateway to a new opportunity. Refresh your resume and LinkedIn profile. Activate your professional network and use it to source your next opportunity. Connect with a recruiter who can be a bridge to a contract or permanent position. Most importantly, understand that looking for a job is a full-time job in and of itself. It’s a competitive market out there, but you are experienced and accomplished. It’s just a matter of time before you land your next role.

Your Next Step
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